Longshore drift

longshore drift – spit.wmv Watch on Posterous

A wonderful Playdough example found on the tinternet for pupils to view.


Coastal Landforms

Stack formation 01.wmv Watch on Posterous

Playdough modeling demonstrating lthe sequence of coastal landform development.


Y11 A range of revisional notes

A range of Y11 revision work with questions to attempt this week

MANAGING RESOURCES.doc Download this file

Problems and conflicts in National Parks.doc Download this file

Problems of urban growth in LEDCs.doc Download this file

Renewable Sources of Energy.doc Download this file

The Rural urban ringe.doc Download this file


Y7 Map work

Year 7s are to work through the following 3 powerpoints using their exercise books and their OS map of Darlington.

The resources will assess pupils competence in using an OS map specifically in the skill of applying the key symbols and also in developing a sketch map.

What are map symbols.ppt Download this file

Map Symbols Game.ppt Download this file

Schools in Darlington.ppt Download this file


Population distribution and density and population pyramids

People Everywhere 1.ppt Download this file

Examine the changes in Darlington in the last 200 years. What has happened to the main Great Northern Road?


Natural Wonders photos

natural wonders of the world pictures.doc Download this file

Natural Wonders of the World Pictures, What are the Human activities that can occur in each?