I AM LEARNING a new ICT question tool

This is their homepage when they log in. From this you can see many roll over with a mouse features.

A paint can – Decorate their study homepage

An ipod – student podcasts

A photo frame – allows students to edit their personal details and edit their avatar

A head statue – where students work on their skills and add details where they have demonstrated certain PLTs they can even upload work to prove this.

Bar graph blocks – were students check their progress and performances through the exercises.

A snow globe – to input targets and check them to see how the student is working towards it.

Exam Paper – try real exam papers to see how the student is progressing.

Books – Guides on how to get most out of I AM LEARNING and revision.

Phone – To contact their teacher if they have a query or to get messages from teacher that work has been set.

Computer Screen – Take an exercise 

Clock – How long the student has spent on I AM lEARNING revising.

Champions League – Compare how they are doing to other I AM LEARNING students around the country.

Picture with finger pointing – A teacher survey that students have to complete.

VAK vacuum – Complete a how they learn survey to find out what type of learning they are strongest at and what areas need learning help / persistence.

Calendar – What homeworks / tasks have been set by a teacher?

What the I AM lEARNING screen looks like to a teacher with twitter feed (note my twitter feed at the top:)


This allows you to check who has taken the exercises that you have set, how they have done, progress of that classes, year groups, individual students, how the student is getting on in other subjects, allows you to check the students PLTs progress to the student, Who has completed the homeworks, if you have a message from a student who may be having trouble, allows you to create a survey, create an exercise, allocate homework – For this you can use the I AM lEARNING created exercises, your own or exercises that other teachers have created and you can search for subject and key areas of study for specific examples if any have been created that you can set your students.

This is what the questions look like from a Rivers Management exercise I have created. SEARCH FOR IT AND HAVE A GO!


I AM lEARNING is on twitter and they have begun creating iphone apps for specific subjects for questions to be attempted. 

Overall a good engaging tool that can be used as an ICT exercise for questioning and for some good fun for the students to keep them revising.